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We are Team IncredMed.

Life is unexpected- sometimes bad things happen to good people. Symtpoms from ailments such as Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia, Arthritis, and Epilepsy can make life difficult, and CBD may help alleviate some of the negative symptoms caused by various illnesses.

This is no snake medicine... CBD is a better way. At IncredMed, we believe in creating a better, pure CBD product unlike any other on the market.

We are a cannibodial company creating products made from Pure Hemp Extract and Isolates. We make proprietary supplements with only CBD (and no THC) to be added to your daily nutritional diet.


Dave Cohen, President & CEO


I am diagnosed with Gout, a debilitating form of arthritis.


Psoriatic and Rheumurtorid arthritis were also detected in my body. It became debilitating for me. I was taking every drug they could test on me with no relief.


My best friend suggested I come to CO and explore the wonderful things that CBD was doing for people in pain such as myself. Once I started using some of the products on the market, I realized how much help it could be... so I decided on my own version of CBD in tablet form.

We hope you will order our product and find the relief I have found taking IncredMed.